How to Use

How to Use

How to use

  • Sign Up
  • List at least 5 books you’re willing to swap
  • Browse books from other member
  • Send request
  • If you have a book he/she likes your request will be accepted
  • You will be sent an email showing the other user’s address and details of the book he or she wants from you.
  • Pack the book and send it to the nearby drop-off point of your fellow swapper and if you’re in the same region
  • If you are swapping with someone who is in different region pack the book and drop it off at your local Dar Lux Offices
  • We provide delivery service if you will like the book to be picked or delivered. Please contact us through 0783176580.
  • Remember to let your fellow swapper know when and where you are dropping off the book

Drop-off Points

  • TSN Supermarket - Tegeta
  • TSN Supermarket - Bamaga
  • TSN Supermarket - Upanga
  • TSN Supermarket - Posta
  • TSN Hypermarket - Mwanza
  • TSN Oil Kigamboni
  • TSN Oil Bamaga
  • TSN Oil Kinondoni
  • TSN Oil Temeke
  • TSN Oil Dodoma
  • TSN Oil Mwanza
  • TSN Oil Songea
  • TSN Oil Shinyanga
  • TSN Oil Moshi
  • TSN Oil Lindi
  • TSN Oil Masasi
  • TSN Oil Mtwara
  • Soma Book Cafe - Mikocheni

Dar Lux Offices

  • Shekilango
  • Morogoro
  • Dodoma
  • Singida
  • Kahama
  • Mwanza
  • Shinyanga
  • Iringa
  • Mbeya
  • Tunduma
  • Moshi
  • Arusha

Our esteemed partners

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